Working System demo

Thank you very much to the systems that let us use several of their power supplies for this demo. The system names have been removed and street addresses have been changed.


System will ask you for a user name and password.

Call 702-641-4405 to get access.

Here is what you will see. The first screen shows all the hubs in the system. A yellow box indicates a minor alarm. This may be due to one or more power supplies being disabled.

Click on the hub site you want to find out more info on. All power supplies in that hub will be displayed. A red cell indicates major alarms.

Click on the power supply number to get to the lowest level. Real time data will be displayed for that power supply. Enable and Disable buttons are just that, they enable or disable the power supply from the system. The auto enable will keep trying to poll that power supply. If not heard from it will NOT generate an alarm. The first time it is heard from it will be enabled. This is useful for when the technician has to repair the site and unit is off line for awhile. Next time it's activated it will be on line.


If you have questions call us at:

(702) 641-4405

(800) 308-1905 TOLL FREE