CableWare Electronics

What's New

We have just announced our revolutionary NEW status monitoring system! This new system uses Cable Modems to reliably send data to and from your power supplies. The system will page you if there is a problem, generate a paperless e-mail log AND display the entire system status on a Web Page!! Click here to see and actual working, running system from your computer.

Features are:

  • Programmable limits for trip points

  • Uses your existing Cable modem system for sending data

  • Server provides a consolidated SNMP status code to alert NOC

  • Pages technician when faults reported

  • Entire system can be viewed from any Web page browser

  • On line repair notes are kept for each power supply. The technician can view and update records so he/she can see what has been serviced in the past.

  • Can monitor up to 16 power supplies or other equipment such as HUB sites

To learn more and view an actual working system


Click here


Infrared Status Monitoring

Infrared Status monitoring uses a small card that is mounted in the power supply. It measures all the analog levels, keeps track of high and low limits, and time stamps each occurrence. This data is transmitted using a small Infrared LED mounted on the power supply cabinet. The technician uses a receiver that looks like a gun to just drive by and view the data. This is a low cost, very reliable status monitor.

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